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Salt Lake City sludge trio, THE DITCH AND THE DELTA, have today released a new single from their upcoming self-titled album. Bleed The Sun is available to stream everywhere now, including HERE. The Ditch and Delta will be released digitally via Prosthetic Records on April 17.

Of the track, the band comments:

"Bleed The Sun is the first song that we have ever collaborated on lyrically. It was with a cousin of Elliot’s, Isaac Anderson. Issac wrote the chorus. It is about our current epoch, the anthropocene. It is about eco-collapse, mass extinctions, and our failure and the failures of the generations preceding us. Sun/son are used interchangeably to connect science denial and religion, hence the title. The tone is manic and pissed, and the music is the closest we get to full on AmRep-esque noise rock."

On the new album the trio embarked on a mission to redraw the boundaries of how sludge music was perceived; slow didn’t have to mean boring, and heavy didn’t have to mean lack of technicality. Describing the lyrical content as 'absolute depression and desperation with hints of lucid clarity and awe', the band lay the groundwork for preparing listeners for some heavy-going material. Themes of loss and grief permeate the tracks, with personal experiences interwoven with the musical fabric of the album.

With musician and producer Andy Patterson (Insect Ark, SubRosa) once again at the helm at The Boar’s Nest Studio, Salt Lake City, The Ditch and The Delta was recorded back in 2018, and has spent the intervening months fermenting further. The cover artwork was created by Chauncey Secrist, and laid out by Derek Ballard, capturing the gamut of emotions felt through day to day debilitating depression.

THE DITCH AND THE DELTA have achieved what they set out to do; they have embraced all that sludge music is and can be, and added their own distinctive, technically proficient flair to proceedings.