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Power metal quartet, JUDICATOR, have today released a new music video for Let There Be Light, taken from their recently released album, Let There Be Nothing. The visually striking video draws from the album's themes of high concept historical adventure centered around the story's protagonist, Belisarius, a humble and renowned Byzantine general.

Let There Be Nothing is available on digital and physical formats now.

Watch the video for Let There Be Light below.

JUDICATOR is a revelation in the American power metal scene, gathering influences of raging teutonic power metal and classic heavy metal under an unmistakable melodic identity. Their latest single, Let There Be Light, solidifies their hard earned reputation as much revered kings of their craft.

"...mountainous power metal melodies with subtly progressive hooks and pastoral dips." - Metal Hammer

"Every release from JUDICATOR continues to improve upon the last, and Let There Be Nothing feels like they’re at the top of their game..." - Nine Circles

"The songs themselves are all immaculately constructed and almost overburdened with hooks and melodic tricks, but where many power metal bands would keep it simple, JUDICATOR power forward with the brakes off, exuding a sense of otherworldly power and arcane heavy metal mastery..." - Blabbermouth