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October 22, 2020

Swiss extreme metal experimentalists, SCHAMMASCH, will be reissuing their debut album, Sic Lvceat Lvx, in celebration of its ten year anniversary via Prosthetic Records. The album is available to pre-order now, and will be released on January 22, 2021. The album can be streamed on all digital platforms now, including full and original first press master stream below:

In the band’s decade spanning career, SCHAMMASCH have cemented themselves as a premier name within black and avant-garde metal’s most experimental and forward thinking corners – garnering global praise and acclaim along the way. Ten years after their debut’s original release, Sic Lvceat Lvx will be getting reissued and revamped for a second vinyl pressing. To celebrate the anniversary the band will be giving away five signed copies of the original CD pressing in a competition via their Youtube channel.

On the reissue and competition, C. comments:

“What’s only been ten years feels like a lifetime ago. Sic Lvceat Lvx was, in its youthful simplicity & amateurish production, the beginning of an immense journey. One that lead into many uncharted territories, through countless life-lasting experiences – a journey that made & still makes life worthwhile for me, & one that taught us to celebrate life, as well as death & nature. It taught us so many important lessons. I’ll be eternally grateful for having been able to choose & walk this path & for being able to share it with some of my closest individuals & furthermore with the ones I encountered during this journey. That is what makes Sic Lvceat Lvx so important to me & that is why we’d like to honor it today, 10 years after its original release, in its original form. As a token of gratitude towards our supporters, we will randomly choose five names out of our YouTube subscribers (channel name: SchammaschCH), for them to receive one of the last remaining cd copies of the album’s first press, signed by the band. The winners will be listed in the comments of the album stream within a couple of days.”

On Sic Lvceat Lvx, the union of forebodingly dark atmospherics and coruscatingly sharp blackened metal sounds as captivating now as it did upon initial release – which is testament to SCHAMMASCH’s artistic vision and unparalleled innovation.