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INFERA BRUO's new album, Rites Of The Nameless, is out now

Produced, engineered and mixed by INFERA BRUO’s own Galen Baudhuin, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, the US band's latest effort is a distinctive beast. Eschewing the lo-fi production of black metal’s Scandinavian origins, and shying away from the pristine polish often found in later subscribers of the genre, Rites Of The Nameless is an honest representation of the band in their rawest form

Rites Of The Nameless, out now via Prosthetic Records; available here.

On the release of the album, INFERA BRUO's Galen Baudhuin (vocals/guitar) comments:

“We’re very proud of what we created on this album. Through some unexpected challenges and determination, I believe we’ve crafted some of our best work. Hopefully people will listen to it and be able tune out some of the hellish noise of society.”

A foreboding atmosphere ripples throughout Rites of the Nameless, converging with a primordial energy that makes each missive both essential and thought provoking. The meditative nature of the album allows room for rumination on the cyclical nature of death, rebirth and everything in between; freedom to escape the day-to-day.