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Dawn of Ouroboros

DAWN OF OUROBOROS is a blackened progressive metal project that is making waves across the globe with a unique blend of death, post, and atmospheric sub-genres built upon an intoxicating European Black Metal influence . Founded and helmed by guitarist Tony Thomas (BOTANIST, CAILLEACH CALLING) and vocalist Chelsea Murphy (TEGMENTUM, CAILLEACH CALLING, Session Vocalist) DAWN OF OUROBOROS took shape over the course of the last several years, finding solid footing in late 2018 with the addition of bassist David Scanlon (DELIRIA) and drummer Ron Bertrand (BOTANIST, RED ROT). DAWN OF OUROBOROS worked to capture their diverse sound and present their material in a developed and visceral way. Combining the formidable technicality of progressive death metal and the overwhelming beauty of post-black metal, this period resulted in a full-length record entitled “The Art of Morphology”, released March 30th 2020 on Naturmacht Productions. DAWN OF OUROBOROS made a substantial impact on the metal world for a fledgling band in 2020. Gaining enthusiastic praise from fans and reviewers alike, their debut sold out within the first nine months of its release despite being unable to support the album live due to the events of 2020.

In September of 2021, DAWN OF OUROBOROS was finally able to support their debut live with a successful ten day tour (DARKER WESTERN SKIES TOUR) of the Western United States. During this tour they officially welcomed Ian Baker (RED ROT) on rhythm guitar to fully represent their sound live.

Energized from their tour experience, DAWN OF OUROBOROS entered the studio in November 2021 to begin recording their second album. In which they hope to deliver the same emotional intensity they captured with “The Art of Morphology”. For the release of their sophomore effort they have signed with Prosthetic Records to nurture the young band’s aspirations. They planto further establish themselves as a touring band through 2022 and 2023.