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August 8, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden’s XORSIST are today premiering their new single, Coterie of the Depraved, via Decibel. Coterie of the Depraved is the second track to be taken from the death metal group’s forthcoming sophomore album, At the Somber Steps to Serenity, which is due for release via Prosthetic Records on October 6.

Coterie of the Depraved will be available on all streaming platforms on Thursday, August 10.
Pre-order At the Somber Steps to Serenity here.

Speaking on the premiere, XORSIST comments: “Offering another kind of intensity compared to our first single, Blessed by the Divine, Coterie of the Depraved had a slightly different approach. Through vivid imagery, metaphorical lyricism and emotional depth, it draws listeners into a world of introspection. The consistent rhythm combined with mesmerizing rawness create a musical tapestry that lingers in the mind. With its uncompromising exploration of the battle between conformity and personal truth, it works as a compelling continuation to the profound musical odyssey that awaits within At the Somber Steps To Serenity

Following their self-released debut album Deadly Possession in 2022, XORSIST caught the attention of the Prosthetic Records with their old school approach to and affinity for Sweden’s death metal legacy and history. Founded by Gustav Ryderfelt (vocals and guitar) before cementing their line-up with both Birk Castenmalm (vocals and bass) and Alphonse Bouquelon (drums), XORSIST’s core sound is one rooted in deep reverence for the genre’s roots as much as it is a spirited progression of the raw and uncompromising Stockholm sound.

Seeking to continue their working relationship with the legendary Sunlight Studios (Dismember, At The Gates, Entombed, Grave and more), XORSIST
once again opted to retain Tomas Skogsberg on co-production duties with Iñaki Marconi (Soen, Sepultura, Carcass). XORSIST’s proclivity for musical tradition is not mere homage so much as it is a graceful carrying of the genre’s torch. Having built up a glowing reputation in the Swedish underground by fans new and old, At the Somber Steps to Serenity sees the young band ensure the old school Swedish death metal torch continues to burn brighter than before for the fabled city in which they reside.