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WORMWITCH are today premiering a new single, titled The Wolves of Ossory, and its accompanying music video via New Noise. The Wolves of Ossory is the second track to be taken from their upcoming album, Wolf Hex, due for release via Prosthetic Records on August 27. The footage captures the Canadian black metal band performing live and in their element, interspersed with ominous woodland footage.

Wolf Hex is available pre-order here.

Listen to The Wolves of Ossory via Bandcamp here.

Speaking on the song and accompanying video, Robin Harris (vocals and bass) comments: "The Wolves of Ossory was inspired by Irish legends of savage bands of skin changing bandits roaming the countryside and causing wanton destruction and death to any and all in their path, just for fun. Which is how I feel when I'm double fisting Modelos while marauding the laneways of a Vancouver suburb with the lads. Sometimes a guy wants to sing songs under the stars and wax poetic about love and life, sometimes he wants to smash, couldn't be more simple. The video was inspired by some of our favourite videos (and songs to boot): Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Call of the Wintermoon by Immortal. Enjoy it or F.O.A.D.".

Stacked full of grandiose melody, tempered by true organic heavy metal anthems, Wolf Hex is a modern occult, future classic. Distinctly Canadian, distinctly diabolical, and distinctly WORMWITCH; the album traverses folk, wades through black metal and embraces the fantastical whilst staying absolutely true to themselves throughout.

Recorded in their own studio in Vancouver, Wolf Hex was engineered by Tim Creviston and the band themselves, before being mastered by Brad Boatright. The ten track album seethes with visceral blackened death metal delivered at a relentless pace, conjuring mysticism and magick at every turn.

WORMWITCH has been - from its inception - a vehicle towards personal freedom. The artwork for Wolf Hex - created by vocalist, Robin Harris, - includes an inverted fleur de lis representing their anti-authority, anti-state, and anti-religion stance. Started unceremoniously from the remains of a hardcore punk band that mostly centered around themes of self hate and existential despair, WORMWITCH have relentlessly cut the fat, searching for a sound and dowsing for enlightenment

No mercy, ride or die, WORMWITCH will evolve forever.