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WEREWOLVES are today premiering their new album, From the Cave to the Grave, in full via Decibel Magazine. From the Cave to the Grave is the Australian death metal trio’s third album in as many years, with each new release ushering in a new natural disaster (be it Australian bushfires or a literal global pandemic). WEREWOLVES latest full length is here, brace yourselves...

From the Cave to the Grave is available to pre-order here.

From the Cave to the Grave will be released worldwide tomorrow (Friday, June 24).
Speaking on the premiere, bassist and vocalist Sam Bean comments: "If you want to get your teeth kicked in minus the surgery bills, this is your album. From the Cave to the Grave is the most aggressive release of the year and anyone who says otherwise is a great big fat false. I wouldn't be surprised if just the picture of the cover is roaming the internet and bashing all the other pretenders. Violence is fabulous. Cheers to Decibel for the premiere."

WEREWOLVES’ debut The Dead Are Screaming was recorded in 2019 and followed by Australia going from medium to well-done in apocalyptic bushfires. The second release What A Time to Be Alive was recorded in 2020 and closely preceded a global pandemic then mass hysteria. WEREWOLVES attempted some caution and tact by only releasing a limited vinyl EP, DeathMetal, in February 2022 and happened to put it out for sale the same day war came to Europe.

From The Cave to The Grave keeps up the searing pace of the first two WEREWOLVES albums, with a mix of black and death metal and unprecedented aggression that is coalescing into a style of its own. Opener Self-Help Book Burning kicks the door in Hate Eternal-style before deforming into a blackened ending. It’s followed by stadium crowd-pleaser We Are Better Than You, blaster All the Better to Eat You With, and social credit score-destroyer Crushing Heaven’s Mandate. Harvest of the Skulls is an ode to the horror of genocide and the rest of the album blasts through to closing threat Watch Your Mouth, leaving you to enjoy your ringing ears and mild trauma.

The mixing is by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and the artwork is by Mitchell Nolte. Slayer never changed their shit up, neither will WEREWOLVES. “Change” can be mistaken for “progression”, which WEREWOLVES shrinks in horror from.

Upcoming WEREWOLVES tour dates:

June 25 - Crowbar - Sydney, Australia*

August 5 - Max Watts - Melbourne, Australia*

November 19 - Froth & Fury - Pirate Life Brewing - Adelaide, Australia

*w/ Psycroptic