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July 9, 2024

Louisville, KY’s VOLCANDRA has today released a vocal playthrough for Fouled Sanctity, taken from the blackened melodic death metal bands sophomore album, The Way of Ancients, released this year via Prosthetic Records. The video is a one-take in-studio performance from frontman Dave Palenske, and follows their spring Northeastern Nomads US tour dates.

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Speaking on the video, Palenske comments: “Even after performing Fouled Sanctity more times than I can count, it still remains one of the most challenging songs on vocals in VOLCANDRA’s catalog. I hope our fans will enjoy this one-take performance.”

Following the release of their well-received Border World EP in 2022, VOLCANDRA breathed life into their continually evolving universe of myths and extreme metal fantasy epics across stages in North America. Amassing tours alongside labelmates Tómarúm, multiple solo headline runs, and a support stint with The Convalescence, VOLCANDRA’s dynamic as a unit in 2024 is one of unwavering confidence and lofty ambition.

Galvanized by their growing rapport and momentum from the road, The Way of Ancients’ writing process came quickly and naturally to the band in the winter of 2022. Vocalist and lyricist Dave Palenske’s affinity for concept albums led to The Way of Ancients’ creative decision to implement an overarching story, with particular influence from the classic early Diablo video game series as well as the escapism found in sword and sorcery eighties films such as Conan, Clash of the Titans and Excalibur.

Commencing production in January 2023 with Mike Low (Cattle Decapitation, Khemmis, INFERI) at the helm for tracking, mixing and mastering, VOLCANDRA also enlisted Entheos’ Chaney Crabb and Navene Koperweis for drum recording. Further contributions also see choral singing throughout the release from Oubliette’s Emily Low. Whilst The Way of Ancients retains VOLCANDRA’s inclination for melodicism, both in songwriting and production value, guitarists River Jordan and Jamie DeMar’s synergy and growing desire for a more bellicose approach to the blackened aspects of their sound is evident throughout the near 40 minute runtime.

Intent to keep aesthetic continuity of their established narrative thread, longtime collaborator Varises Otak (Cryptopsy and Amon Amath) masterfully brings The Way Of Ancients’ visual identity to life with the cover art.