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June 30, 2022

Louisville, KY’s VOLCANDRA have today shared a new music video for Resonance Cascade, taken from the melodic black metal groups recently released Border World EP. Pulling inspiration from the seminal first person shooter Half Life, the music video features a special guest appearance from Inferi guitarist Mike Low – who lent his playing to one of the track’s solos. VOLCANDRA are currently on tour in the US in support of Border World, with more information on upcoming shows below.

Listen to Border World via Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Bandcamp and Spotify
Border World is available to order on cassette here.

Speaking on the music video, Dave Palenske (vocals) comments: “The music video for Resonance Cascade
was shot in two days over Memorial Day weekend at our rehearsal spot in Louisville, KY and Falls of the Ohio in Clarksville, IN.

“We hired Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low from Inferi/The Artisan Era to film and edit. A lot of planning went into this video, starting with storyboards I drew mapping out narrative scenes and band footage. Malcolm Pugh really knocked it out of the park by bringing these ideas to life.”

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Dave adds: “The song is based on the classic first person shooter game Half Life, so we went all out with the concept by investing in costumes, props and a lot of fake blood. It was decided early on that Mike Low needed to make a guest appearance in the video, since he lays down an absolute ripper of a solo on the song. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

“This was an incredibly fun experience, and we wanted to make a video that was actually entertaining to watch. So I hope people tuning in get a real kick out of it.”

Since their 2019 inception and a well-received 2020 debut full-length, Into the Azure, VOLCANDRA
have steadfastly been honing their craft on both the live-circuit and in the recording studio. Across Border World’s runtime, VOLCANDRA
offers a distinctively futuristic vision of melodic black metal – with lyrical tales of possessed mythical beasts, draconic cyborgs and mystical border worlds inspired by a deep love for video games and futuristic storytelling. All of these thematic elements are brought to life in stunning fashion by Varises Otak (Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy and Amon Amarth)’s cover art.

Produced in its entirety by Devin Harper at Nocturnal Audio in the band’s home city of Louisville, Border World’s amalgam of sonic extremity and melodious sheen compliments the band’s lofty musicianship – with guitar duo Jamie DeMar and River Jordan alternating between contorted rhythms and luculent leads. VOLCANDRA’s propelling force of Mike Hargrave (drums) and Dyer Keathley (bass) provide a resolute backbone to the EP’s more excoriating passages of black metal, allowing Dave Palenske’s vocals to sit commandingly atop Border World’s barrage of sound.

Disinterested in theatrics and forced mystique, VOLCANDRA’s latest slice of fantasy world building is a byproduct of the band members lifelong reverence for science fiction – which serves as a vibrant alternative to some of metal’s darker corners. The group have officially opened the portal to their border world, and the invite remains open for all dreamers and wide eyed escapists who wish to enter.

Upcoming VOLCANDRA tour dates:

June 30 – Brickyard Bar & Grill – Knoxville, TN

July 1 – Black Forge Coffee – Pittsburgh, PA

July 2 – Brimming Horn Meadery – Milton, DE

August 31 – Yellow Cab Tavern – Dayton, OH

September 01 – Squirrel Hill Sports Bar – Pittsburgh, PA

September 02 – RPM Fest – Mantague, MA

September 05 – The Depot – Baltimore, MD

September 06 – The Loud – Huntington, WV