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Toronto, Canada’s SARIN, have today released Thick Mire, the second single from their new album, You Can’t Go Back. Accompanying the single, the band has also released a music video for the track, produced by Chariot Of Black Moth. Shot in high contrast black and white, the visual writhes with a restless energy that compliments Thick Mire’s rhythmically hypnotic post metal sound.

Listen to Thick Mire via Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

You Can’t Go Back is due out on February 5, and is available to pre-order here.


Speaking on Thick Mire's release, David Wilson (guitar/vocals) comments: "As a unit, Thick Mire is our favourite song off You Can’t Go Back. It’s the darkest song on the record, and it hits that proverbial sweet spot for us by maintaining tension even in moments of utter groovy-ness. It’s also the first and probably last time I’ll detune my guitar mid-song—you only get to do that once per musical career."

About the video, David adds: "We wanted the video to focus on the motion and texture of thick, dark liquid (a “thick mire”, if you will), and happily let Chariot Of Black Moth take the reins on communicating that and much more."

Recorded at The Sugar Shack in London, Ontario by Simon Larochette and later mastered by James Plotkin, You Can’t Go Back captures SARIN's crushing post-metal at its dynamic best. The emotionally charged origins of the album’s lyrical themes lend themselves to the tonally dense and memorable song structures that build tension throughout, balancing crushing intensity with fleetingly gentle passages, that reveal the therapeutic nature of the record.

Although You Can’t Go Back is imbued with enough silver linings to make the album an inspirational listen, the process of change - and all its agonising facets - is never far from view. The cover artwork by Eliza Xenophon, in all its vibrant glory, hints at the churning mass of feelings contained within.

You Can’t Go Back will be released via Prosthetic Records on February 5.