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Negative wizard metal pioneer, REBEL WIZARD has today released a live video performance of Real happiness in killing enjoyment, the first in a series of live videos filmed at The Wizard’s Crypt. Taken from their 2018 EP, Great addictions to blindingly dark, worldly life, the performance can be watched in full below.

Revisit and listen to Great addictions to blindingly dark, worldly life via Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Pulling from the worlds of black metal and thrash, Australia's REBEL WIZARD has slowly but surely amassed critical acclaim with their spellbinding brand of 'negative wizard metal'. Conjuring up a unique blend of NWOBHM, punk attitude and a lifetime of heavy metal influences, REBEL WIZARD's most recent album, 2020's Magickal Mystical Indifference, is available to stream and purchase here.

More performance footage live from The Wizard's Crypt will be released soon.