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October 29, 2020

Australian tech-death force PSYCROPTIC return with a brand new EP, The Watcher Of All, out on November 27 via Prosthetic Records (digital) and Agonia Records (12″ vinyl). Continually evolving and with a thirst for musical progression, the band have unveiled a bold new track titled A Fragile Existence, which is available now via Bandcamp and will be on all digital streaming services from tomorrow. Untamed and unique riffing, surgical drumming and a looming melody weave together a technically elaborate song structure. To match the dark epic nature of the track, it is accompanied by a music video crafted by long time collaborator Wilson Bambrick.

Pre-save The Watcher Of All on digital here.

Pre-order the 12″ vinyl and accompanying merch via Agonia Records, here.

Watch the music video for the single A Fragile Exitence below.

The Watcher Of All, is a first for the band in their 21 year history – two tracks that bridge the musical gap from 2018 full length, As The Kingdom Drowns, and their upcoming album tentatively scheduled for mid 2021.

Drummer, Dave Haley comments: “I feel very privileged to be able to continue working with Psycroptic; never feeling like we have to do something musically that we don’t want to. We like heavy, aggressive music that is all about the guitar riff. Fast, slow, tech, simple – doesnt matter. A sick riff is a sick riff. Thats one thing I feel will never change with the band; riff driven, and focusing on the song. Joe is one of the best riff writers around; and pushes us all to bring our A game to the final song development.”

Seven albums deep and with absolutely zero chance of slowing down, PSYCROPTIC continue to reinvent themselves and the genre they are well entrenched in.

PSYCROPTIC, The Watcher Of All, will be released on November 27.