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July 9, 2020

Rochester, NY death metal trio, UNDEATH have signed to Prosthetic Records, and are currently preparing to release their debut full length album, Lesions Of A Different Kind. The title track from the album features The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad, and is currently streaming exclusively with CVLT Nation – who will also be hosting the band as part of their Sonic Unrest Vol.1 virtual festival this weekend. Lesions Of A Different Kind is set for release on October 23; pre-orders are available now.

Of the track, the band comment: “Trevor is the man and has put us on from the very beginning. He even came out
to our first-ever Brooklyn show, which was also our third or fourth show ever. We’re all fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and really admire how much Trevor supports and promotes underground bands, so asking him to be
on this song was kind of a no-brainer – and he killed it! We played this song live a few times before COVID hit and it quickly became one ofmour favorites in our set. Once shows start back up we can’t wait to bust this one out and jump in the pit with everyone. Until then – we hope everyone enjoys this track’s rampaging immediacy and deadly hooks -mosh your living room to pieces!”

The trio’s collective decades of musical consumption, compositions, performances and influences have converged in this one swirling mass of horror-flecked heavy metal. Old school death metal reigns supreme; if the blood-spattered glory of Carcass is your (body) bag, if the headbang-inducing brutality of Cannibal Corpse is too much for you to resist, then UNDEATH have served up a feast for you. Lesions Of A Different Kindis the sound of three lifetimes of subterranean sickness and death metal worship coalescing in a severe brain-bludgeoning that clocks in at just a little over half an hour.

This weekend, UNDEATHwill take part in CVLT Nation’s Sonic Unrest Vol. 1 virtual festival alongside the likes of Casket Huffer and Churchburn. Their set will broadcast on Friday, July 10 at this location, for more details, click HERE.