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July 12, 2022

Crawling out of Chicago, IL’s most decrepit corners and boneyards, MOLDER are today premiering their new album, Engrossed in Decay, via Metal Injection. Engrossed in Decay is the sophomore full-length from the death metal trio and first to be released via Prosthetic Records since inking a deal in 2021.


Engrossed in Decay will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday (July 15)

Pre-order the album here.

Speaking on the album announcement and track premiere MOLDER
comments: “Calling all mutants and freaks!! We’re proud to report Engrossed In Decay is officially available to stream in full. That’s right, creeps! That’s 10 brand new skull-smashing hymns, sure to leave your head scattered all over the floor, and your brains painted on the ceiling. At last, Engrossed In Decay is here in full- to infest your ears, and fester forever. This record is the culmination of two dismal years in isolation, smoking weed, dropping acid and writing sick shit. Hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed writing it.”

Conceptually, Engrossed in Decay collects the sonic aesthetics of in-song samples, death-obsessed lyrics, and colorful mucus and blood themes into a cohesively gross package. This is the type of gift found in medical waste repositories or in the aftermath of a kitchen knife rampage. One look at the cover illustrated by Lucas Korte (Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold), and MOLDER’s sordid intentions are immediately evident. This is blood-curdling, gore-hurling death metal from graves licentiously disturbed.

Recorded at Studio Novy with Cheyenne Brandt (Vanished Cadavers, and Chicago Metal Hell Vol 2), Cianide’s Scott Carroll joined the sessions as steward before the final mix went to Philadelphia-based mastering ace Arthur Rizk (Creeping Death, Temple of Void). The result is an engrossing experience, nasty to the touch yet riveting like a chainsaw battle. Glutinous Remains, Chemically Dissolved, Huff the Stench, and the title track are prime examples of MOLDER’s choicest, meatiest cuts.

The next phase of MOLDER’s depraved death metal domination will commence after Engrossed in Decay is unleashed upon metaldom. Until then, they’ll fester wildly in and around Chicago, with the rest of North America suffering perversely with a full-scale bloodbath later in 2022.

You’ve been warned! MOLDER are coming for you, their stomach-churning, mortifying corpses in full-on attack mode.