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Blackened metal quartet, INFERA BRUO are premiering their new music video for The Breath Of Chaos at Decibel Magazine. Taken from their latest album, Rites Of The Nameless, the video pairs ominous high contrast black and white occult imagery with their trademark blackened metal sound to arresting effect.

Of the song and music video, INFERA BRUO's Galen Baudhuin (vocals/guitar) comments:

The Breath Of Chaos is about invoking a nameless power through certain rites and rituals. Bringing forth turmoil at the cost of one's own well-being. A metaphor for drastic change. Brian Sheehan (LGRDMN) did a beautiful job interpreting the lyrical content and putting it to the screen.”

Director, Brian Sheehan adds: "The Initiate, burdened with one final rite of passage, sets out deep into the wilderness to lift the veil."

Produced, engineered and mixed by INFERA BRUO’s own Galen Baudhuin, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, the US band's latest effort is a distinctive beast. Eschewing the lo-fi production of black metal’s Scandinavia origins, and shying away from the pristine polish often found in late subscribers of the genre, Rites Of The Nameless is an honest representation of the band in their rawest form.

Rites Of The Nameless, out now via Prosthetic Records; available here.