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Cork, Ireland's GOD ALONE are today premiering the title track from their forthcoming second album, ETC, via Distorted Sound alongside the tracks accompanying visualizer. GOD ALONE continue to play outside of genre confines on their latest single, which incorporates elements of mathrock, avant-garde and post-metal, representative of their sophomore effort which is set for release on October 21.

GOD ALONE will be performing select songs from ETC at their upcoming ArcTanGent Festival performance on August 19, ahead of a planned UK tour this November - more details on dates below.

ETC (single) will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow (August 12).
Pre-order ETC here.

Of the single release, the band comments: "We wrote the single ETC during the Covid-19 lockdown period in Ireland almost two years ago. We were heavily influenced by the FIFA soundtracks from the late 2000s and
Eurodance at the time. We wanted to combine those influences with a more math rock sound. At ArcTanGent people can expect us to throw more shapes than ever before, play more songs from the upcoming album and
probably cry at some stage. Cheers and thanks!"

The five musicians behind GOD ALONE are quite literally students of their craft; ETC - their second full length album - was recorded at MTU Cork School of Music which they all attend. ETC was produced by the band and Christopher Hockey, and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Witch Fever, GGGOLDDD, Ghost). The origins of the band lie in a heavier, post-metal sound, but the intervening years and an influx of new and stimulating influences has seen them broaden their palette, expand their horizons and hone a distinctive sound.

Whilst embracing all that the Irish music scene has to offer, GOD ALONE are constantly pushing to make their way out of Ireland and further afield. Cutting their teeth in an eclectic and enthusiastic local scene helped them to refine their live chops, giving their performance increased weight and attention as they progressed. Now when they write, the live iteration of their music is always at the forefront of their minds.

GOD ALONE's approach traverses through mathrock, dance, avant-garde, post-punk and more on its way to its final destination. Citing the Talking Heads as a big influence, GOD ALONE embrace absurdism at every turn - in particular the absurdity of nothingness; the art of existing without meaning or context. Abstract lyrics are influenced by French dadaist poets as they seek to make heavy ideas into fun, danceable vignettes.

Minimalist album art courtesy of Ian McInerney highlights the repetition of things that have no clear beginning or end - the endless loop of everything and nothing all at once.

Upcoming GOD ALONE tour dates:
August 19 - ArcTanGent - Bristol, UK
November 2 - Voodoo - Belfast, UK
November 3 - The Workman's Club - Dublin, IRE
November 4 - Áras Na Gael - Galway, IRE
November 5 - Pharmacia - Limerick, IRE
November 10 - Cyprus Avenue - Cork, IRE