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September 16, 2021

FOUR STROKE BARON are today premiering the third single from their upcoming album, Classics, via Knotfest – titled Khera. The music video sees FOUR STROKE BARON stranded in a desert purgatory with a meta narrative of the Reno, NV duo rewatching their previously released videos. The compelling visual only heightens the band’s signature progressive rock and pop hooks, continuing Classics‘ lyrical narrative.

Along with Khera‘s music video premiere, FOUR STROKE BARON will be stopping by Knotfest Daily later today to talk all things Classics. Tune in from 4pm ET / 1pm PT.

FOUR STROKE BARON‘s Classics, mixed by Devin Townsend, is due out via Prosthetic Records on October 1 – preorder here.

Of the new single, Kirk Witt (vocals and guitar) comments: “I murdered Matt after he beat me at Monopoly, and that same night I was strangled to death in a casino parking lot. We’re now forced to produce and watch our own music videos continuously in a very comfortable purgatory.”

Previously released singles, Sundowner
and Friday Knight, respectively tell tales of being trapped inside a casino during a robbery – with the added exacerbating element of being on acid – and a murderous rampage at a kegger whilst dressed as a knight, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Having streamlined into a duo, Kirk Witt and Matt Vallarino cast a sardonic eye over the human condition – as seen through their own uniquely distorted lens. They are our guides as we traverse the filthiest folds in the dark underbelly of Reno, Nevada; illuminating the darkest corners of their twisted psyches with their upbeat and insanely catchy pop hooks.

The distinctive dynamic between the duo has undoubtedly solidified their songwriting chops and allowed them to be more bold in their approach when writing Classics. Embracing their intense relationship, which they put down to vibrating at the same frequency, they gave themselves permission to go down whatever weird rabbit holes presented themselves. The only rule they set was that there had to be a memorable melody to each and every track. They then enlisted the only person they knew who could add the extra layer of embellishment that the album required. Enter Devin Townsend. The added textures brought in by Townsend during mixing elevate these ten tracks to another level.

Sometimes it’s necessary to allow time to pass to reveal the true nature of a classic track; FOUR STROKE BARON have shaved the waiting time all the way down to zero. It will soon be time to hit play – the classics will all be there waiting for you.