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May 8, 2024

EXIST has today shared a new music video for Thief Of Joy. Thief Of Joy is taken from the US progressive metal band’s new album, Hijacking the Zeitgeist, which is out now via Prosthetic Records. EXIST’s latest full-length sees the group expand upon their extreme metal technicality and atmospherics with a more concise approach to songwriting, resulting in the most direct and emphatic album of their 14 year career.

Order Hijacking the Zeitgeist here.

Speaking on the music video release, Alex Weber (bass and vocals) comments: “Thief of Joy was one of the first tunes that we started working as a band on during the writing process for Hijacking the Zeitgeist and is still my personal favorite.

“One of the most dynamic tracks on the album, it’s got everything from soft and ethereal atmospheres to heavy and sludgy breakdowns with everything else that has come to shape EXIST‘s sound in between. It also features an amazing solo from our friend and fellow Marylander, Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole, Inferi). He brought an incredible energy and personality and it’s always a pleasure working with him.”

Similarly to 2020’s Egoiista, EXIST took on a keen co-production role for Hijacking the Zeitgeist as recording sessions commenced in early 2022, with the band emphasising a collaborative approach to the songs arrangements. Drum co-production was handled by John Douglass (Mr. Bungle, Entheos and The Contortionist) before vocals were handled by Mike Semesky in the winter.

Hijacking the Zeitgeist’s sonic heft isn’t without its diaphanous counterpoints, as Phelps and new addition Charles Eron (guitar and synths) craft deceptively complex interplay on album high points in Thief of Joy (featuring Sanjay Kumar of Inferi and Wormhole), Blue Light Infinite and soaring closer Window to the All. EXIST’s sonorous sonic landscape is bolstered by immersive rhythmic lock-ins between Alex Weber (bass and vocals) and Brody Smith (drums), that shine in Anup Sastry’s mix and Kris Crummett’s mastering work.

At the core of Hijacking the Zeitgeist lies a multifaceted exploration of algorithmic rabbit holes, conspiratorial paranoia, and the universal traits that lie within humanity – these cautionary tales are tied together in striking detail with album art by Sebastian Jerke. EXIST treats both the allure and perils of both digital mazes and the real world, with equal parts wide eyed awe and horror.