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have today released Illusive Obsession, the third single from their upcoming new album, Inheritance, due out on March 19, 2021. Illusive Obsession, is packed full of razor sharp technicality and premier death metal musicianship, whilst simultaneously continuing to showcase the dynamic melodicism found on the previously released singles, Fastidious Imitation and Sadistic Trials. Inheritance is available to pre-order here. Stream Illusive Obsession via Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.


Talking on Illusive Obsession's release, the band comment, "Illusive Obsession is the halfway point in the story of Inheritance. Regret sinks in as manipulation from the leader becomes clearer by the day. Our protagonist is given the gift of consciousness and must choose his own path through enslavement."

Keeping production duties in house and allowing themselves to work at their own pace has resulted in a polished, mature sounding collection of songs, which was then mixed and mastered at The Grid Studio by Christian Donaldson (Beneath The Massacre, Shadow Of Intent).

A progressive slant to their rejuvenated sound means that they have stayed true to their definitive death metal roots, yet allowed themselves the opportunity to open up and explore metalcore and beyond. With ambitions to take their new material on the road as soon as they are able to do so, DEPTHS OF HATRED have every intention of making this fresh start really count.