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US black metal trio, ABHORIA have today released their debut self-titled full length via Prosthetic Records. Composed of members of Ashen Horde, Catheter and Vimana, Abhoria is a modern take on 90s black metal extremity and explores humanity’s darker tendencies in the context of a dystopian wasteland. Alongside the album release, the band are premiering a full album visualizer via Black Metal Promotions today.

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Speaking on the album release, Vor (guitars) comments: "Release day is here! Walthrax, Koszmar and I couldn’t be more excited to finally unleash this beast, better known as Abhoria. This album has been brewing in my head for years, and it’s very much a tribute to everything I love about black metal. It’s vicious, intense, melodic and grim. I hope everyone gets as much out of it as we put in. This is just the beginning."

ABHORIA recorded their debut album remotely, with each member contributing their elements from afar. In fact, the band only met up - and played together - after the album had been recorded. The record was engineered, mixed and mastered by Shane Howard (Martriden, Helleborus) at Sawn & Quartered Studios; Shane was able to capture the raw brutality of the band, but with a layer of slick, modern metal production. A final visual flourish came courtesy of the distinctive cover artwork by fan-favorite Adam Burke.

ABHORIA’s modern take on a classic genre relies less on traditional black metal tropes and leans toward capturing the bleak landscape of an unforgiving world in sonic form. Through their lyrical storytelling, the band explores the darkest corners of the human psyche across the album’s unrelenting eight tracks. First single, Mountebank, focuses on a con artist offering the promise of a better life for only a "small sacrifice...". Unevangelized looks at a despondent group fighting back against those offering "salvation" through religion. Grave Expectations explores a mysterious benefactor who lures people in only to hunt them for game.

ABHORIA invite you to discard your preconceptions of the genre, and embrace a take on black metal that reflects the relentless bleakness of a world not far from our own.