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Sermon is an anonymous musical force, dedicated to preaching the concept of spiritual and theological balance. In a world of divisive opinion and reckless faith, their output aims to craft a thoughtful intersection for all beliefs.

Sermon is a band that can create and will create anything it desires. The sound is formed and driven by regal vocals, otherworldly percussion, soaring mellotrons, with a dense wall of tumbling bass and spacious, distorted guitar.

The debut album, Birth of the Marvellous, was recorded over the year of 2017.
A concept album, driven by a theological legend. While certainly the album has a religious context, the band has no religious bias, neither for, nor against. Contrarily, it is vehicle to spread the message of equilibrium.

In June 2018, Sermon were contracted to Los Angeles based Prosthetic Records

who will deliver their sound to the waiting world.

When the time is right, Sermon will perform with the aid of a group of dedicated professionals to bring it’s grand and majestic sound to a live audience.