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In the decade plus they’ve been a band, Tucson, AZ’s North has ebbed and flowed their way into being one of the most respected outfits in the underground metal scene. Line-up changes and personal setbacks just saw North return stronger, more focused and adding additional weapons to their arsenal.

Originally starting off in 2005 as an instrumental act, North explored the heavier side of post-rock. Formed by Evan Leek (bass) and Zack Hansen (drums) and rounded out by guitarists Ty Engle and Matt Mutterperl, the band’s first recordings were done in Hansen’s bedroom and self-released. They soon made a name for themselves in the AZ scene, supporting others in the genre such as Caspian, Tera Melos and This Will Destroy You in those bands’ SW tour stops.

Towards the end of 2007, the group decided to expand the sound of the band, adding razor-throat vocalist, Kyle Hardy into the fold. Hardy made his debut on 2008’s What You Were which was met with critical acclaim and expanded touring throughout the US. When it came time for the band to begin work on their next record, numerous line-up changes occurred. Writing stopped, started, stopped again and at times the band wondered if it would ever restart again. Amazingly enough, this turmoil produced their best material to date. The Great Silence, released in the summer of 2012, was the band’s best fusion of post rock and metal and garnered their finest reviews to date. The band toured for a year to support it and when it came time to stop, Hardy and then guitarist Kyle Szostek left the band, leaving North once again questioning their future.

The three remaining members, Leek, Hansen and Mutterperl, regrouped and sat down to write, the first time as a three piece and found the chemistry the best it’s ever been. Four tracks came together quickly which was released as the Metanoia EP and the guys did what they do best; play live. There seemed a genuine rebirth in the band, they guys had no desire to stop and this was their most extensive touring to date. It was shortly after this they signed to Prosthetic Records and quickly began working on new material, not wanting to lose the momentum they were feeling. The two track single, Through Raven’s Eyes was recorded in early 2015, which saw the band at possibly its darkest and heaviest, musically speaking. Later that Spring they began work on their first full length as a three piece.

Light The Way shows a path for the future. With clear heads, the strongest bond the band has ever had and appearing more focused than ever, the band’s first full length for Prosthetic Records is without a doubt their finest. The album has the dichotomy of each song standing entirely on its own while the record as a whole is an extremely cohesive unit. Light The Waywas recorded by longtime producer, Dana Fehr and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts). With North being an ever-evolving entity, for better or for worse, over the years, the stability and attentiveness they now exist leaves the future wide open with the best yet to come. The path is lit.

Evan Leek – Bass and vocals

Zack Hansen – Drums

Matthew Mutterperl – Guitar

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