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The latest artist to join the Prosthetic Records roster is Kataan; a modern death metal duo preparing to release their self titled EP this May. Small in number, but vast in scope, Kataan is Nicholas Thornbury (formerly Vattnet Viskar) on guitar and vocals, and Brett Boland (Astronoid) on drums and bass.

Dystopian death metal is the foundation for Kataan’s explorations through existential missives and depressive imagery. The pair have created a thick, hypnotic level of atmosphere with layers of pounding drums and pummeling riffs that fill up the furthest ends of the musical spectrum. Shot through with melody, the four track EP is as uplifting as it is melancholic, invoking cinematic landscapes and post-apocalyptic darkness – further enhanced by the cover art by Travis Smith (Opeth, Bloodbath).

Recorded by Brett in summer 2019, before being mastered by Magnus Lindberg, Kataan have crafted a statement of intent with these four tracks and paved the way for their debut full-length.