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Junius’ anthemic post punk/post metal reaches new levels with Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light featuring stunning packaging by Drew Speziale (Circle Takes The Square). L

"Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light.... takes the band's alternately soaring and crashing sound to even more diverse places." - Rolling Stone

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May 18, 2023

Boston, MA rock band JUNIUS are today premiering an acoustic rendition of their single, Transcend the Ghost, via Decibel. Transcend the Ghost was originally taken from their 2011 album Reports from the Threshold of Death, with the newest iteration of the track serving as a fresh reenvisioning of the song through a filmic perspective by 10 Seconds to Comply - a Philadelphia / Detroit film production nexus of writer Andrew Bonazelli, DP / director Manny OA and DP / director Ken Whiting.

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