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Far Beyond

German melodic extreme metal act FAR BEYOND mark their return with their third studio album, The End of My Road, on February 16 via their new label home Prosthetic Records. FAR BEYOND’s latest full-length is an ambitious and fastidiously curated amalgam of melodeath, symphonic and power metal, covering themes of courage and heart in the face of depression and hardship.

Formed in the early 2000s, FAR BEYOND is the solo project of Eugen Dodenhoeft. Based in the Franconian Switzerland region of Germany, FAR BEYOND’s history to this point has been one of slow and steady artistic progression with 2005’s An Angel’s Requiem and 2016’s A Frozen Flame Of Ice albums showcasing Dodenhoeft’s penchant for seamlessly alternating dynamics of gothic and death metal symphonia.

With time away from his Germany via New Zealand based melodic death metal project, Euphoreon, after two album releases Eugen forged ahead with the next chapter of FAR BEYOND’s existence. The End of My Road was completed over a period of years, with parts of the album written and self-produced as early as 2018, with the towering mountainous ranges of his Franconian surroundings, fantasy fiction and video games providing a much needed comfort and escape from everyday life’s drudgery.

The End of My Road’s purpose as a cathartic valve for feelings of restless discontent became increasingly clear to Dodenhoeft throughout the writing process. By Eugen’s own admission the lead single, From the Stars and the Crescent Moon, served as a haven to explore boundaries between reality and fantasy worlds. Commenting, “It’s a tale of longing and the quest for light in a world consumed by endless night. From the Stars and the Crescent Moon, in particular, encapsulates the essence of my musical vision.”

Lusciously complex by design, FAR BEYOND’s latest album shines in its songwriting structure. Across the 43 minute runtime, Eugen compiled up to 140 layers of vocals, synthesisers and orchestral textures in total. Whilst a solo endeavour at its core, The End of My Road sees collaborative guitar solos from Nathram’s Lukas Grässlin as well as additional synthesiser embellishments from Ari Ahrendt on Tempus Fugit and the title track. The End of My Road was then placed in the hands of Patrick Stäudle of Glaswald Studios in The Black Forest, Germany for mixing and mastering.

Furthering their quest to understand the complexities of the unknown and transcend beyond, The End of My Road’s contemplative atmospherics and concentrated sonic extremities merge seamlessly with a deft poetic touch. With Eugen adding: “The End of My Road is my invitation to get lost in the sonic realms of FAR BEYOND and find a moment of peace and inspiration. I look forward to sharing this album with the world and hope that it touches the hearts of listeners, providing them with an unforgettable soundtrack for their own journey.”