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For their debut release on Prosthetic Records, ACxDC are coming out swinging. Five years after their last full length and four years after their last EP, ACxDC have seemingly stored up enough bile to fill several records. For now, they have squeezed what powerviolence they can onto their upcoming album, Satan Is King, due for release on 5 May.

For a band whose full moniker is Antichrist Demoncore, it may come as no surprise that Satan is given their dues on this record. However, Satan serves as a motif – for rebellion, for self discovery, for rejecting authority – rather than as a literal figure of praise. With a tongue in cheek title that serves as a response to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King album, Satan Is King is the antidote to excess, greed and mindless indulgence.

Although the album is released during an election year and against the backdrop of a politically fraught environment, ACxDC are not proponents for party politics. Their message – like their music – retains a distinctly D.I.Y attitude. As always, the band is politically charged, distributing sonically raw dispatches at break-neck speed. On the single, Copsucker, any illusion of poetry is discarded in favour of direct, razor sharp disdain for those who kiss up to authority. A true seam of revolution runs through the lyrics on Satan Is King, imploring the need for immediate and drastic action to save the planet – and ourselves. Railing against corporations, pushing back against institutions that oppress, and challenging the concept of critical thought in the face of society that rewards greed and champions homogenous thinking – all form threads in the fabric of Satan Is King.

ACxDC returned to producer Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues), who recorded and mixed Satan Is King at The Pit Recording Studio, Van Nuys, CA in November 2019; Brad Boatright later mastered the album at Audiosiege. The resulting 15-part manifesto of fury is a visceral open sore of aggression. Embracing grindcore, powerviolence and more, ACxDC funnel multiple genres through their unique lens. Fans of Gulch, Nasum and Minor Threat will have plenty to immerse themselves in with Satan Is King. Cover art by Dylan Garret Smith is the cherry atop this barb-wire laced cake.

ACxDC is:

Sergio Amalfitano – Vocals

Jorge Luis Herrera – Drums

Ryan James Corbett – Bass

Edward Jason Oropeza – Guitar