General contact email: info (at) prostheticrecords.com
(P) 310.391.5569
(F) 310.391.5593

For press, publicity or radio inquiries ONLY please contact:
kelly (at) prostheticrecords.com
(DO NOT contact regarding demos or demo submissions)

For all European requests, contact: Duncan@prostheticrecords.com



*For information regarding orders placed from our North American web store on or after February 3rd, 2014 please contact:

sales (at) prostheticrecords.com

For information regarding orders from our North American web store placed on or before February 2nd, 2014 please contact:
Toll Free Number +1 (800) 497-8816

For any information regarding orders from our European web store please e-mail

customerservices(at)bsimerch.com or call +44 (0)207 428 1799


How To Submit a Demo to Prosthetic Records 101

Do we accept unsolicited demos?


Do we actually listen to everything we receive?

…YES! BUT only if you submit your demo correctly – so make sure to follow the below directions:

1. Send a physical copy of your demo (CD/LP/Cassette only) along with a brief bio to;
Prosthetic Records
Attn: A&R
11664 National Blvd #413
Los Angeles, CA 90064

2. Don’t have a physical copy yet? Send an email to info (at) prostheticrecords.com with a link to your music, along with a short bio & links to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc…)

We get dozens of submissions each week, so it may take awhile for us to get to yours, but if we’re interested, we’ll contact YOU! Please do NOT contact us.

A Few Tips!

DO: Include any previous press the band has received, touring history/upcoming tour dates, sponsorship’s, etc.
DO: Use proper grammar & spelling – it goes a long way, trust us!
DON’T: Send us music that doesn’t fit with our label.(As much as we may personally love other genres, doesn’t mean we’d sign them!)
DON’T: Submit demos in person, on Facebook or anywhere OTHER than the mailing address/email listed above – they will NOT get listened to.
DON’T: Send unfinished material. You get one chance to make a first impression.
DON’T: Ask us to help you find band members, book shows, post your music, etc.
DON’T: Follow up. Regretfully, we cannot offer feedback. Again, don’t call us; we’ll call you.

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