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Formed in 2010, Chicago's Zaius explores a lighter, more melodic side of the members' musical tastes without abandoning the metal tendencies that come natural to them. Although the band did not initially intend to become an instrumental project, it became very apparent in the first writing sessions that the music was much more fitting without vocals.

All Your Friends Are Dead, the band’s 2011 debut EP showcased a fine mix of dense and morose guitar playing. 2013’s Divided By Tides EP came next and pushed things further, adding in soaring melodies. The album was met with glistening reviews, with Metal Sucks proclaiming, the world needs more instru-metal bands like Zaius, who steer completely clear of djent while still managing to bring the groove (via Maserati), atmospherics (via Constants, If These Trees Could Talk, etc) and the heavy (via Scale the Summit). Bomb."

In late 2016, the band began writing for their next release and expanded upon their open-mindedness in writing, guitarist Dann Dolce remarks, "We try not to conform to any specific sub-genre and pull influence from as many places as possible; our goal is to keep our songs moving and dynamic, heavy yet engaging, not letting parts drag on longer than they have to."

Of Adoration, the band's debut album will be released via Prosthetic Records on Oct 6th, 2017. The opus was tracked at the start of 2017 with Jeff Edwards before being sent off to be mixed and mastered by Chris Common (Pelican, Mouth of the Architect, Minus the Bear). The record features 8 tracks that peaks and valleys its way through over 40 minutes of music.










Illustrations for the album were created by Marald Van Haasteren (Baroness, Kylesa) whose style is as colorful and alive as these tracks were meant to be.


Jeremy Bellen - Bass
Dann Dolce - Guitar
Mike Imbordino - Drums
Ian McConnell - Guitar