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Wildspeaker is a Blackened Crust band from Dallas, Texas. The lineup consists of vocalist Natalie Kahan, guitarists Nelson Favela and Zak Pitts, bassist Garry Brents (Cara Neir), and drummer Ricky Rivera. Wildspeaker’s sound is heavily influenced by early Crust Punk, Black Metal, and Grind. Thematically and lyrically the band focuses on the resilience of nature and downfall of human civilization.

Wildspeaker’s Prosthetic Records debut release, Spreading Adder, will be released on June 23rd. The album features 11 tracks of grinding, blistering, crust. Self-produced in Brents’ home studio, Spreading Adder will be released on LP, CD and all digital formats.

The band heads out on a US tour just two days prior to release date and is set continue touring throughout the rest of the year.

Since forming in 2014, Wildspeaker has put out several releases independently as well as with label support. Their last release “Guilt and His Reflection” was a split full length with Cara Neir on Broken Limbs Recordings and received a vast amount of critical acclaim:

“Wildspeaker adhere a bit more rigidly to the black metal/crust party lines scratched out in blood by Iskra and their ilk. They nail that metallic kangpunk clang, the shredded-throat vocals, the diving riffs, and especially the murky atmosphere. The final result is damn near perfect, and now all I can think about is how antsy I am to hear more material from them.” –Kim Kelly, Noisey

Wildspeaker Members:

Natalie Kahan – Vocals

Nelson Favela – Guitar

Zak Pitts – Guitar

Garry Brents – Bass

Ricky Rivera – Drums