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A freshly inked deal will see Prosthetic Records release SNOW BURIAL’s second full-length studio album this September. The nine-track release, titled ​Ostrava, maps where life’s beauty and terror collide.

With their roots deep in the vibrant core of Chicago’s heavy music scene, SNOW BURIAL already have two EPs, one full length, ​Victory in Ruin, and a split tape with Aseethe under their belts. Mere moments after​ Victory In Ruin ​ (2016) was unveiled writing for ​Ostrava commenced; and the resulting tracks were recorded in early 2019 at Electrical Audio, Chicago, with Shane Hochstetler at the helm.

Born from their defining experiences at home and on the road the unifying theme of Ostrava ​ is one of duality - failure and triumph, celebration and mourning, isolation and family. The precarious balance of their lives are laid out across the nine tracks in ​Ostrava; the costs of glory given equal billing to meditative contemplation and blazing riffs. The complexities of modern life and politics weigh heavily and color the narrative of the album. The result is a compelling collection of songs that resonate universally, with equal parts grief and gratitude bundled up into digestible chunks of post-metal fury.

The headbangability of each track belies the complexities of the layers that lurk beneath. Taking inspiration from the likes of Radiohead as much as any metal act; SNOW BURIAL craft polished songs with the whirring machinery hidden just below the surface. Their blend of melody and aggression delivers a sound that dredges the depths of doom and sludge and marries it with rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities. The album artwork was created by Menerva Tau, a mixed media artist and photographer from Turkey, whose haunting work echoes the sentiment behind ​Ostrava.



Jul 3, 2020

Progressive doom band, SNOW BURIAL, have today released a new single, the proceeds of which will go towards supporting the Brave Space Alliance in their native Chicago. Painting the Streets With Our Blood is available to stream everywhere now, and to purchase via Bandcamp - who are today waiving their fees meaning that more money is able to be donated. The song is available in multiple iterations, having received the remix treatment from a host of guest musicians. Click here to stream/buy. Of the single, the band comment: “We wrote and recorded this song back in 2018 but never really found a home for it. The song is about the systemic perpetuation of white supremacy and its devastating effects. As the pandemic broke out we were looking for ways to help and releasing it as a fundraiser seemed a perfect fit. With so many friends unable to play shows or tour or do much of anything with music we asked a bunch to put their unique spins on the song and were absolutely blown away by everyone's eagerness and creativity with the song. “We're very excited to be able to raise some money for the Brave Space Alliance, the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, who have been a critical resource supporting people during the pandemic and the ongoing demonstrations.” Individuals who helped make the single possible include: Dallas Thomas (Pelican) Elbrus (Tanya Byrne, Bismuth) Mark Solotroff (Anatomy of Habit/BLOODYMINDED) MemCave (Keith Rich, Druids) Chuck Clyborne (5RVLN5) Bell & Circuit (Russell Hall, Corridoré/Daughters of St. Crispin) Brian Barr (Aseethe)

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