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Formed in 2004, this Orlando, Florida band has been carefully crafting their unique brand of progressive death metal for over a decade. Beginning with Monotheist’s first LP, 2007's Unforsaken, Michael "Prophet" Moore gathered a set of musicians in vocalists Jake Rice and Elyssa Coultas to help his eclectic vision come to life. Filled to the brim with youthful vigor and a sense of adventure, Unforsaken introduced the world to a band who sought to mix the brutality of Suffocation, the melodic sensibilities of Extol, and the earnest riffing of Death (another Orlando-bred band), with the beautiful, somber meanderings of bands like Opeth, while being influenced by classical and jazz music.

Although there were plans to release a second full-length album in 2009, it took until 2013 for Monotheist to release their next album, this one an EP called Genesis of Perdition, which showcased the evolution of their sound. With shorter, more focused compositions, Monotheist displayed a clear progression in their songwriting that was a hint of things to come. This was also the first release to feature JJ "Shiv" Polachek IV (7 Horns 7 Eyes), whose unique and beastly vocals elevate the music to powerful heights, and Cooper Bates, whose pummeling drums drives the ripping guitars to the depths of the soul.

​Four years after Genesis of Perdition, and a whole decade after their first full-length album Unforsaken, Monotheist is finally gearing up to release their second LP entitled Scourge. The new album sees the band taking their progressive and technical style of metal into the next stage of their musical evolution, which includes more sophisticated song structures and further explorations into the classical and jazz realms that have long been a part of the band's sound. Despite the experimental and adventurous nature ever-present within the band, no-holds-barred death metal continues to be the foundation and core of Monotheist's sound, with plenty of brutal riffage that will leave no lover of extreme metal disappointed. Joining on bass is a rising star of the Orlando jazz scene, Jose Figueroa and DeLand, FL resident shredder Tyler McDaniel (ex-Gigan) on second guitar and vocals, bringing their unique sounds and contributions to the band's new compositions. Monotheist's new album was mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio) and will feature guest contributions from metal luminaries such as Bobby Koelble (ex-Death, Death to All) and Christian Alvestam (ex-Scar Symmetry), as well as other talented members of the progressive death metal community, plus the stunning artwork courtesy of Sam Nelson. Scourge is sure to be a powerful testament to the musical legitimacy and thrilling nature of progressive and death metal.

Shiv - Vocals
Prophet - Guitar
Cooper Bates - Drums/Vocals
Tyler McDaniel - Guitar/Vocals
Jose Figueroa – Bass




Feb 5, 2020

MONOTHEIST have today released a new track ahead of their upcoming tour with labelmates, Exist. The track, titled Twilight of the Wolves, can be listened to on Bandcamp or YouTube immediately.

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