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With a new record deal with Prosthetic Records under their bullet belts, JUDICATOR are gearing up for the release of their fifth studio album, Let There Be Nothing. The geographically disparate group are united by the mighty force of true power metal - coming to a stereo near you this year!

As with past releases Let There Be Nothing is a concept album, steeped in historical references and tales of the past. However, the blood pumping through the veins of the music is - as ever - rich with human emotion and rooted in universal experience, regardless of what era your fortune has dictated you dwell within.

The album follows Belisarius, a humble and renowned Byzantine general, on his campaigns to reconquer former Roman territories. While Belisarius is a master on the battlefield, his greatest struggle will be within. Political forces continually undermine his authority, and his wife’s infidelity will put both his faith and morals to the test. Let There be Nothing is a morality play framed within a sweeping, historical epic. Join Belisarius on his quest to reunite Rome and tame the human heart!

The serendipitous origins of the band have bound them together through time zones, seasons, and line up changes. Founding members Tony Cordisco and John Yelland met eight years ago when they both turned up early to a Blind Guardian concert; they hit it off and the rest is - quite literally - history. Through the course of four earlier albums, JUDICATOR have embellished traditional power metal with progressive elements and captured imaginations across the globe

What started out as a homage to their favourite band swelled into something that had fans begging for more, and JUDICATOR obliged. With a back catalogue that is capable of reaching riotous highs as well as slowing down and embracing melody and epic emotion, JUDICATOR have delivered the latest piece of the puzzle that fits neatly alongside their other releases.

With members split across the United States, recording for Let There Be Nothing was certainly unique. Drums were engineered by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab Studios then edited by Michael Goodrich at Hypnotic Audio. Vocals were engineered and edited by Austin Bentley. Guitars were edited by Chad Bill Anderson at Ethereal Audio Production and reamping, mixing, mastering and sequencing was completed by Damian Herring (Horrendous, Sentient Horror) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios. In addition, the album features Christian Münzner (ex-Necrophagist/ex-Obscura/Alkaloid/Eternity's End) shredding through a guitar solo on the track Amber Dusk. Incredible artwork by Mitchell Nolte rounds off the complete package.

The eight tracks that comprise Let There Be Nothing are unforgettable - historically epic and commanding attention through their intricate white-knuckle storytelling and pervasive, melancholic atmosphere.

Let There Be Nothing will be released via Prosthetic Records on July 24.

Recording Lineup:

Tony Cordisco - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

John Yelland - Vocals

Jordan Elcess - Drums

Michael Sanchez - Bass / Lead Guitar

Current Lineup (Post Album Recording):

Tony Cordisco - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

John Yelland - Vocals

Jordan Elcess - Bass

Balmore Lemus - Lead Guitar

Ulises Hernandez - Drums



Oct 22, 2020

Power metal quartet, JUDICATOR, have today released a new music video for Let There Be Light, taken from their recently released album, Let There Be Nothing. The visually striking video draws from the album's themes of high concept historical adventure centered around the story's protagonist, Belisarius, a humble and renowned Byzantine general. Let There Be Nothing is available on digital and physical formats now.

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