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Fool’s Ghost

With a freshly inked deal with Prosthetic Records done and dusted, Fool’s Ghost are preparing to release their debut full length this winter. Comprising of Nick Thieneman (Young Widows, Breather Resist) and Amber Thieneman (Liberation Prophecy, Sandpaper Dolls), Fool’s Ghost are a band small in number but vast in scope.

​Dark Woven Light​ is their new year missive, evoking stark landscapes and barren vistas. The ten track album was recorded in 2018, in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky with producer Kevin Ratterman (Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle, Jim James) at the helm. Cinematic and atmospheric by nature, ​Dark Woven Light​ is heavy music distilled through a crystalline lense. Threads of real life loss and personal experience loop throughout the album’s broader feeling of the weight of the world pressing down on every last nerve.

The absence of human-to-human contact and attentiveness; the speed in which things move chafing away at wholeness and wholesomeness feed into the permeating melancholy of the album. Melody illuminates the darkest corners with shards of hope and of light. The deep connection between the pair is the spark that lights their creative touch-paper. With all writing for the band done together, their chemistry is very much part of the fabric of Fool’s Ghost. They create loudness of an unholy level, with their live shows enhanced further with visuals created by the couple who are both multidisciplinary artists.

Fool’s Ghost are challenging the very notion of what heaviness is within music – a gentle exploration of the darkest facets of our individual and collective psyches. In ​Dark Woven Light​, Fool’s Ghost have delivered the perfect winter record – a lullaby for ghosts, an elegy for the apocalypse.