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DRYAD came into being within the wild forests and hidden ice caves of Iowa’s wilderness, a snarling primal force summoned from the depths of the earth to combat the evils of our frenzied modern world. Featuring crusty dual vocals and relentless buzzsaw riffs, DRYAD is an anomalous combination that eludes easy classification, using elements of d-beat punk, old school death and atmospheric black metal, along with their own touch of bizarre, blackened forest filth. Citing diverse influences from pioneering bands like Nuclear Death, Gallhammer, Die Kreuzen, and Chapterhouse, the group’s strange amalgamation of ideas has continued to push the boundaries between realms in the heavy metal universe.

Since the debut of The Black Pullet EP in early 2017, DRYAD has emerged from the basements of Iowa’s DIY scene to perform regularly with a wide variety of acts like Dawn Ray’d, Street Sects, and Drugcharge. Their second offering, The Silurian Age, was released to cassette in June of 2018, and has since been quietly gaining momentum in the underground metal scene across the globe. Inspired by the earth’s ancient glacial lakes that once covered Iowa and fossil-covered cliffs that now remain, the album deals mostly with themes of ecological and political disaster, and is a timely reminder of the earth’s inevitable revolt against its most destructive creatures.

DRYAD recently signed with Prosthetic Records, and are currently working on their first full-length album, a follow-up to The Silurian Age which ventures further into the depths of nature’s extremities and extremophiles, creatures of fire and ice and earthly monstrosities which flourish in places completely devoid of sunlight.

Since being named one of Astral Noize’s Artists To Watch in 2019, DRYAD has released a crushing split with Acid Leather on cassette, and are about to embark upon a three-week stint across the country with THEORIES and Neckbeard Deathcamp, as part of their Free Speech In America tour.


Claire - Vox, guitars, synths

Grimmtooth - Vox, guitars

Joe - Bass

Oliver - Drums