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Formed in 2021 as little more than a way to pass the time playing cover songs until life creaked back to normality, DeathCollector – a British/Irish death metal band based in the Midlands – has taken on a life of its own. Guitarist Mick Carey (Zealot Cult) and drummer Andy Whale (Bolt Thrower/Darkened) soon recruited vocalist Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown/Grimorte) and Lee Cummings(Severe Lacerations/Bloodshed) on bass to work on original material – and things have moved at a break-neck pace since then.

Their debut EP, Time’s Up, elicited considerable interest in the UK underground and caught the ear of Prosthetic Records, with whom they will release their debut full length this summer. With their roots firmly planted in the scene that has supported them from the word go, DeathCollector are ready to branch out and show the rest of the globe exactly what they’re made of.

With a Bolt Thrower member in their ranks it would be all too easy to lean on the past and rely on name recognition and re-hashing a tried and true formula, but DeathCollector yearns for something more. Aiming to capture the fervent brutality of their live performance on record despite the physical distance between them, Andy decamped to Fordhouse studios to record the drums. Over in Ireland, Mick laid down his guitar parts with engineer Ciaran Culhane, whilst vocals and bass were recorded in home studios in the UK. The record was mixed and mastered by Gord Olson with the intention of creating something that was true to their principles: raw and unbridled.

The result is Death’s Toll; nine tracks of death metal that confidently bridges the old school with a more modern sound without losing any of its organic rawness. The hardcore and punk that influenced the original roots of death metal in the UK scene are flowing through the veins of the band , rounding out a sound that is as gritty as it is authentic.

Lyrically the album traverses the darkest contemplations on mortality; willful self destruction, addiction, and the mental and physical toll that life takes on us until death. Death Collector sweep up the rot, filth, shame and weakness of humanity and funnel it into their scathing death metal offerings.

DeathCollector will release Death’s Toll via Prosthetic Records on 23 June, 2023.

DeathCollector is:

Andrew Whale – Drums

Mick Carrey – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Lee Cummings – Bass

Kieran Scott – Vocals