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Heavy-slow duo BISMUTH have announced their signing to Prosthetic Records, alongside confirmation of a run of tour dates for the new year.

The Nottingham, UK-based two-piece, consisting of Tanya Byrne (bass/ vocals) and Joe Rawlings (drums) released their latest album to great critical acclaim in 2018. The Slow Dying Of The Great Barrier Reef is a two track opus, with the title track clocking in at a hefty 32 minutes. The band has toured consistently with the likes of Primitive Man and Vile Creature as well as performing at festivals such as Roadburn and Supersonic

BISMUTH are currently writing material for their next album, which will be recorded in 2020 and released via Prosthetic. The band will perform at Roadburn 2020 alongside now-labelmates Vile Creature in a specially commissioned collaborative performance under the banner A Hymn Of Loss And Hope.

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Jun 29, 2020

Heavy-slow duo BISMUTH confirmed that they will release In Tenbrix Lux a special one-off track, this coming Friday, July 3. The song was commissioned by Burning Wheel to accompany the Kickstarter campaign they ran for their new game Torchbearer, and also features contributions from VILE CREATURE. The track will be released via Bandcamp this Friday, when the music platform will waive their fees; proceeds will go towards Black Lives Matter charities and The Forest Carbon Project, which aims to plant new trees and restore peatlands so increasing the carbon storage capacity in the UK.

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